convo 06.10.2018

Participants: Michael Strong, Trevor Eissler, Chris von Lersner

Discussion touches on:
• difference between assessment and feedback (American Idol, Toastmasters);
• relational assessment (indigenous research);
• the group’s desire to create “deliverables” [tools to give parents the means to observe their own reality and make independent judgments with confidence … tools to help parents decide if an environment is healthy and/or their child is thriving, e.g.: The DOG (Dimensions of Observable Growth), The DERS (Developmental Environmental Rating Scale), a scale of our own];
• identifying our audience (parents of children who are discouraged (the light’s going dim), parents who suspect something’s amiss, parents seeking or open to alternatives);
• the group’s desire to be open to multiple alternatives to the traditional model;
• taking “toughness” back from the traditional model;
• Michael’s Ten-School-Designs;
• idea of creating a website, and a meme each week to create a “drip, drip, drip”
• etc.


View  VIDEO recording of Convo

Listen to AUDIO ONLY  recording of Convo


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